Chair yoga and well-being sessions anyone?


Look at this! Peer Action has been offered group chair yoga and well-being sessions by Alex from Brighton yoga by the sea. Would you like to: 

  • Sleep better?
  • Release some of the pain in your body?
  • Feel more at home with your emotions and feelings?
  • Improve your energy levels?
  • Find some freedom in your body?

Alex suggests that people taking part in this work agree to attend six weekly sessions to make the most benefit from them. If you would like to take part in this, could you please let us know:

  • Would Monday sessions work for you?
  • Would you prefer a lunch time or evening session?
  • To let us know that you are interested, complete this short survey.

How it works

Each session begins by tapping points on the body to enable you to stay gently tuned to your feelings; this is followed by gentle breath work to help calm the body and mind. There is a warm up to help open up the spaces in the joints. The main part takes us through a series of postures and movements to work towards bringing you into optimum health. Each session finishes with a short, guided meditation to help you feel nourished and revitalised.

For more information on Alex’ education and experience, please see her website: