Please get in touch with Peer Action

Peer action wants you to get in touch :-
You can get in contact to ask about a group; ask to join a group; suggest activities or just start to get involved
Ideally if you provide an email address we can get in touch (it is easy to set one up under any name you want).

Peer action does not collate nor share personal information and respects confidentiality. Please fill in what you can below – the more information the better we can respond
Note: all contacts are entirely confidential

On the DAY of events: Event Phone

We have a dedicated number for contact (the “event phone”) on 077 83 552 154 for use only on the day of events – e.g. to check on last minute spaces; to let us know you will be late or to check on cancellations
The event phone is generally answered from a few hours before the start of an event


We do not offer an office style  answering service and the event number does not take messages (we would rather talk to you directly than possibly leave messages unanswered for days).  If you would like to help expand our contact services please get in touch.
If you wish to get in touch, apart from during specific events, please first drop us a line via the email form above. For formal contact to the Chair of Trustees on items of governance please use the dedicated contact number 07860 800 045 – this number will take recorded messages and is only used by the chair and will not allow you to book or enquire about events.

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